This Conference is Being Recorded: Discussions on Workbook Project

Late last year Lance Weiler (Head Trauma, The Last Broadcast) started the Workbook Project, a web resource for, by, and about filmmakers. Weiler calls it a "social open source experiment" because anyone can contribute to it. Among the more interesting things Lance has been doing for the Project is a series of conference podcasts. Lance recently asked me to participate in one of these conferences with him and Mark Stolaroff, LA-based producer and founder of the No-Budget Film School. That conversation has just been posted.

You can listen to it here.

I hope you take something away from it. I certainly enjoyed discussing do-it-yourself issues with Mark and Lance, both of whom have a lot to offer on the subject.

And while you're visiting the Workbook Project, check out the other great conversations that Lance has offered up:

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