Sonnet Tempo E4P Firmware Update

I realize this will have limited use for most readers, but I recently acquired a Sonnet Tempo E4P SATA card for a Mac Pro, and was having problems with it. Big problems. The computer wouldn't recognize the card, much less run the two Sonnet Fusion 500p drive enclosures I had connected). Searched around online, both on the Sonnet site and elsewhere (newsgroups, etc) for a solution. Couldn't find one. Finally, I called tech support. After 20 minutes on hold I spoke with someone. It went something like this:

TECH SUPPORT: You need to update the firmware of the card.

ME: Oh...ok. That's funny, the documentation doesn't say anything about that.

TECH SUPPORT: It should.

ME: Um.. nope.


(puts me on hold ... two minutes of elevator music later...)

TECH SUPPORT: Wow. You're right, it's not in the documentation. Uh oh.

By the embarrassment (and dread, knowing he'd be encountering a lot of calls like this) I sensed on the phone yesterday, I suspect that future versions of the documentation will have this detail added soon. Hopefully this post will help a few users until the nice folks at Sonnet can get that documentation fixed.

Users can find the Tempo E4P firmware update here.