Hello, Dolly

Yeah, yeah, even I groaned at the title to this post. But hey, it's no worse than the title of the article I'm linking to, is it? Studio Daily's, ahem, "Roll With It" article covers all the means of moving your camera that were announced at NAB this year. If you can move past the puns (sorry, another one!) you'll find some interesting stuff. From what I can tell by the photos, my favorite is the Scooter Shooter. It's an equipment cart that doubles as a dolly once you've unloaded it. Great for small crew shoots. The $2600 price tag seems a little much, but it's about $2000 less than what a Matthews doorway dolly willl set you back. The concept is a 10, though, and I'm sure enterprising DIYers out there could build this thing for about $200. If you do, let me know and I'll post (or link to) your findings.

In the meantime, if you want to move your camera like Murnau or Resnais, check out the dollies.

[Via DV Guru]