Some folks call it the herd instinct....

... but in the movie business we call it "word of mouth."

Over at All These Wonderful Things, AJ Schnack has been covering the release of An Inconvenient Truth, the new documentary about Al Gore's post-2000 rebirth as the global warming doomsday messenger.

As you'll see from AJ's first, very substantive post on the subject, I'm skeptical of the doc's entertainment value. But now... I'm beginning to want to see it.

In reference to the film's L.A. opening yesterday, AJ quotes a guy that works at the Laemmle Monica as saying "These are Crouching Tiger numbers. It was insane, man!" Is this why I want to see it? Because it's possibly going to be a hit?

I don't think so.

Actually, I'm growing more interested because AJ's got me hooked on his articles that follow the movie's release. Mind you, I'm still skeptical. After all, I'm not interested in seeing An Inconvenient Truth because I like Al Gore (though I do), and I'm not interested in seeing the film because I am sensitive to the issue of global warming (though I am). I've become interested in the movie because a fellow filmmaker, whose writing I admire, thinks this film's worthy of repeated attention.

In order, here are AJ's posts. See for yourself: post one (featuring naysaying by yours truly), post two, and post three.

Also, the IFC blog has a nice sum-up of the movie's first round of reviews. To sum up the sum-up: Generally positive, but more Social Studies than Great Cinema. Still, when I read that one influential non-cineaste has a two-word reply to whether or not he'll see it ("Doubt it.")....well, I know it's immature to say so, but for me that's even more reason to go.

UPDATE: Boffo BO for Truth! (That's my attempt at a Variety-style headline.)