A Change of Scenery

Though anything I write on this website is obviously coming from my personal point of view, I typically don't write much about my life unless its relevant to the aim of this site. I basically do this for two reasons: 1) why would you care?, and 2) I'm kind of a private person. Having said that, this is one of those occasions where I'd like to share some good news:

Starting this fall I'll begin a position as an assistant professor of Digital Film/Video production at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University -- Virginia Tech, to you and me. I've not yet begun the job, or even made the move to Virginia yet, but my colleagues are already showing me a warm, Southern welcome.

Though I've enjoyed my stint at Temple University immensely, as readers of this site know I'm committed to regional filmmaking. I'm excited to be heading someplace where my students understand this not as a concept, but as a reality. I guess they remind me a little of myself when I was an undergraduate at the University of Tennessee in the early 90s.

It's going to be a good move for me, too. Though I know East Tennessee better than Southwest Virginia, I can't wait to return to the part of the South where most of my work is set. This is the landscape I know and this is where I find the stories that inspire me.

In sum, the position at VT was, to quote a not-so-"self-reliant film", an offer I couldn't refuse.

I'll try to do at least a few more posts before I get swamped with packing and moving, but if when my posts drop, consider this your pre-emptive apology.