Fresh and Local: Part II

After I made the "fresh and local" post late last month, I found myself thinking back to a paper that Sara Zia Ebrahimi, a graduate student in the MFA program at Temple, wrote in my producing course last semester. In the paper, she proposes a co-operative filmmaking model based on Community Supported Agriculture programs. I appreciated her ability to draw productive analogies to a system that many independent filmmakers might overlook, so I asked her to share the paper, and she's generously agreed. Sara Zia points out that the paper is a work-in-progress. Eventually she might want to present the paper at a conference -- not to mention implement the ideas contained in the paper -- so she'd love to hear your comments and constructive criticism. Post here, or contact her through her site below.

Sara Zia's short The Achivements of Exile will screen as part of the Philadelphia Film Festival's "Festival of Independents" on Monday April 3, 7pm. Congrats!

Download the paper here.