The story so far... and your daily dose of inspiration

A flurry of postings about this site by various people around the internet has led to an uptick in traffic. Greetings, newcomers. This site's less than four months (and 50 posts) old, and if you're new to Self-Reliant Film, allow me to give you a recap, a tour if you will, of some of the highlights.

With a tip of the hat to Citizen Kane, the blog launched with a Declaration of Principles.

Since then, the site has covered a range of issues and interests:

There's talk of tools: Not just camera stuff, but also things like software reviews, widget round-ups, and a few posts on DIY film tools (including this popular one). I even created a rollyo search engine for film and digital cinema.

It's not all geekin' out, though. There's just as much talk about distribution. Here are two of the more clicked-on posts: one on DIY distribution, one on promotion. Also, if you're interested in self-distro issues, make sure you check out the stuff that links to David Lowery and AJ Schnack's blogs.

Above all, even if I'm writing about the nitty-gritty details of this or that issue, it always comes back to principles.

I'm not going to recap everything, but if you dig around the archives you'll see that I also like to post about lesser-known DVDs, issues concerning regional filmmaking, and filmmakers that have something to teach me.

If you like what you see, you're invited to subscribe to the feed and talk it up in the comments section.

Speaking of principles, we can all use some inspiration now and then. After all, making movies is hard work, no matter how you try to go about it. So in case you need your daily dose of inspiration, perhaps this short film will be of use:


ps. By the way, just like with anything else you read, you might want to consider the source.