DIY Film Projects Follow-Up (AKA Make Magazine miscellanea)

Browsing around today on the Make Magazine site, I ran across some more projects that might interest the readers of this blog. So, as a kind of "Part 2" of that post I did about DIY film projects, here is a much-briefer follow-up. Check these things out and, if you try one, let us know how it works:

DIY Telecine

DIY Video Projector

DIY Vehicle Camera Mount

DIY Panoramic Lens thingy

How To Assemble an Open Source IPTV Production Suite

How to Hack One-Time-Use Video Camcorders

Pixelcam Modification for Baseband Video Output

One more tip: While Make's posts are a great resource, the comments that follow the posts are often just as helpful -- for example, in the discussion of converting Super 8 to DVD. Enjoy.

ADDED: DIY "Plywood" Skater

Thanks to Matt over at FresHDV for the link on that one.

ADDED: Microphone Windscreen