The Music of Something, Anything

We've received a lot of messages asking about the music in Something, Anything, so here's some information about how to hear it. Alas, we can't release a soundtrack to the film because, though we have rights to the music in the film soundtrack rights are another thing altogether. That said, you can make your own at home using these links to the iTunes store. Some of these songs will be available on Spotify or Youtube, too. Purchasing music, however, is the best way to support artists, so that's we've provided iTunes links.

Two things to note:

Eric V. Hachikian composed three original piano compositions for the film -- the opening credits music, the music that plays while Peggy writes in her journal the first time, and the music that plays at the end of the film. They're beautiful compositions and we were honored to have him compose them for the film, but they are not currently available for purchase or streaming.

The last two songs on this list are the original versions of the songs used in the film. We had new recordings done of those songs.

"Enchante" - Donald Brown

"Easley Said and Done" - Donald Brown

"Seekers of The Truth #12" - Cecil Lytle

"Easter Hymn" - Cecil Lytle

"Easter Night Procession" - Cecil Lytle

"The Healer" - Ben Sollee

"The Law" - Emily Jane White

"Dead Town" - The Vaygues Not available on iTunes, but found on YouTube via the supplied link.

"Get Left In the Dark" - Nerves Junior Note: This is the vocal version of the song. We use an instrumental version in the film, but as far as we know that version isn't commercially available.

"Know You Now" - The Someloves Note: This is the original recording from the 1980s. The song was covered by (now-defunct) Knoxville band The Young in the film, but that version is not commercially available.

"Vultures" - The Pass

"Where Did I Go Wrong?" - Dead Moon

"You Just Don't Feel That Way About Me" - Bevis Frond

"Franklyn" - Michael Nyman Notes: This is Michael Nyman's original recording of his composition. In the film the composition is performed by Tracy Cowden, but that version is not commercially available.