Not Playing At a Theatre Near You

IndieWire has a great summary of the Gotham nominees for "Best Film Not Playing at a Theatre Near You." It's a sad commentary that five of the more intriguing films I've read about (or, in the case of one of these, seen) are films that have received no distribution beyond film festivals. The films are:

Ronald Bronstein's Frownland Lanre Olabisi's August the First John Fiege's Mississippi Chicken Jeremy and Randy Stalberg's Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa Chris Fuller's Loren Cass

Unfortunately, the article, which was meant to promote the exhibition of these films at the MoMA, only went out in indieWire's email service today, after most of the films have already screened. The only remaining screenings are Frownland and Loren Cass. If you live in New York and you don't want to miss these screenings you get the screening details here.