Red Footage Posted

If you're following the development of the Red Camera (I am), you'll want to check out the footage they've posted on their recently overhauled site. Mike @ HDForIndies says that he thinks it's only 1K. And it's not terribly interesting -- some sunglasses, and steel grey at that. So what can we judge from this? Not resolution (if it's 1K) and not color or exposure range (because of the subject matter). In sum, very little. But, it's another step in the process of the design and hype of this camera -- an unusual mixture of transparency and secrecy. There are rumors that there's more footage soon to come. Hopefully that footage will be accompanied by technical specifications, not to mention some human subjects. The clip is a downloadable torrent, so you'll need a peer-to-peer application like Transmission.

Of course, if you've somehow only recently discovered filmmaking and/or the internet, you can read this earlier post to get caught up.

ADDED: Matt @ FresHDV catches you up on some of the other recent RED developments.