Weekly Reader #1

If it could be said that this site has "features", then this would be a new one. Basically "Weekly Reader" will feature articles I read, or want to read, from the previous week. I probably won't do commentary, but if I do it'll be short. The idea is to cull all the "hey, read this link" sorts of things, which I would have spent a whole blog post on previously, into one post. It'll sort of write itself over the week, saving me time to focus more on original content. I hope that you'll use the comments section to add links to your favorite reads from the week.

Joe Swanberg interview on GreenCine

Andrew Bujalski interview on indieWire

Quinceanera filmmakers interview by David Lowery

Info about Stu Maschwitz's DV Rebel's Guide book.

Informative (and somewhat amusing) letter on how trailers get posted on the Apple site: Indie Features 06

Interesting breakdown of cool sound moment in When a Stranger Calls

Of course, if you're looking to unwind with some even lighter reading, perhaps you should check out this new feature's namesake.