Self-Reliant Film Contest!

Since I put up this site, a few people have sent me emails asking "What would be in the self-reliant film canon?" I've thought about writing a post in response, but have resisted because a) I'm not the Pope of self-reliant film, defining what does and doesn't fit the label, and b) it's more fun for people to set their own canons. Or maybe it's because c) I fear that I could spend days writing such a post and never be satisfied with it. Anyway, I want to do some reconfiguring of the SRF website over the next month or so and this morning I was toying around with a new banner. While it's not exactly a "canon" of self-reliant films, it's, well, something.

After finishing it and putting it up on the site I've immediately decided it's far too busy. I'll take it down soon, but I thought it would be fun to keep the thing up, at least for a week or so, to see if anyone can name all the movies it contains.

The first person to successfully name all 33 images will receive a DVD, on me, of any one film from the banner. (Note: Not all images are from films currently available on DVD.) I don't have a ton of time to spend on this, so this "contest" runs for one week only... if no one names them all, then there won't be a winner the person with the most correct answers (20 minimum) wins.

Good luck!

ADDENDUM: Click here if you want to see the banner without the text.