Open Letter to An Entertainment Marketing Firm

Dear (name withheld): I have recently received multiple emails from you asking me to promote a new television series, which features beautiful young people touring an exotic location with cameras rolling.

When I received your first email, which offered me content from the series so that I could cover it on my website I thought, obviously, you had emailed the wrong person. I chose not to reply. Now you've emailed a second time, again asking me to promote your show, so I thought I'd at least let you know why I didn't write back the first time.

Though this website may, at times, promote films, books, and the like, I choose these works myself; they're not suggested to me by press releases.

Furthermore, the works I discuss are often critically or popularly neglected. I aim to bring more attention to them by writing about them. Your show, which will receive loads of promotion on television, does not need my voice.

Finally, if you had read the reasons I started this website, you would know that this website is not meant to be a shill for "reality entertainment" in which corporate-sponsored American twenty-somethings tour the globe, as the press release states, to "broaden cultural awareness." Robert Flaherty, a pioneer of self-reliant filmmaking, typically spent a year or more in the location where he was going to make a documentary before he ever picked up a camera. Now that's cultural awareness.

Last but not least, my name is Paul. Not Pharrell.