IndieWIRE's Top 10 Undistributed Films of 2005

indieWIRE announced their annual Top 10 Undistributed Films of 2005 today. It's a good list, and by that I mean a) I've not seen any of them and b) the descriptions make me want to see the films. I do wish that the indieWIRE crew -- most of whom I assume are based in NY -- would do a similar list or more extended coverage of the "in between" movies that only got limited release. These could also use the attention and some championing, especially so that they might find a life on video.

Still, this is a quibble. At least IndieWIRE does a list like this, thereby acknowledging that some great movies don't make it beyond the festival circuit or a couple of weeks at the Quad. You'd never know it from some of these Ten Best lists.

I'm consoled by the fact that I've got screener DVDs of two of indieWIRE's Top 10 on the way. But it is only a small consolation.