DIY Film Projects: This page assembles a number of DIY projects that were written about on the Self-Reliant Film blog. It also includes “6 Thoughts on DIY Projects”, to-date the single most popular post made in the 10 years that the blog was active. Some of the projects are a little out of date or the links are broken, but this is still a useful page to get you started on crafting tools for filming.

So You Wanna Go To Film School, Part 1 and Part 2: A discussion of whether or not film school might be right for you, how to search for the right program, and strategies for applying.

©opy®ight: A Few Helpful Links: Several resources on how to register a work, best practices surrounding Fair Use, Creative Commons, and how to search the copyright/public domain status of works.


Storyboard Templates: Just what it sounds like.

What To Do When Your Hard Drive Goes Soft: Some tips for saving a failing hard drive (Mac OS users only).

Super-8 Resources: Tips and links regarding working with Super-8, especially home movies.