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SRF Blog Archive

Paul Harrill began the Self-Reliant Film blog to promote personal, regional, and DIY filmmaking. In 2009 Ashley Maynor began contributing regularly. The blog was retired in 2015 after ten years. In 2018, with the transition to a new site design and hosting service, some internal links were broken and the often-insightful comments were regrettably lost. Such is the way of the Web.

The archive of posts, preserved here, is a snapshot of microbudget filmmaking resources and reflections, 2005-2015. Some of it is horribly dated, of course, but some remains as relevant today as when it was posted.

A few highlights:

The First Post: Declaration of Principles.

Read interviews with filmmakers like Joe Swanberg and Caveh Zahedi, among others.

Posts that remain especially useful can be found on the Resources page.

Or you can explore the full archive of posts Self-Reliant Film blog.

You can also search the Blog Archive (Nov 2005 - Dec 2015) :