Submission Guidelines

Please note: We cannot accept unsolicited, unproduced screenplays, and the only film projects on which we consult (reading screenplays, watching rough cuts, etc.) for free are those projects made by close friends.



If you have a film you’d like us to review, please read this carefully:

The number of requests we receive to review films outnumbers the number of films we can watch and write about. (Remember, we are ourselves working filmmakers and we maintain this blog as a labor of love.) We do, however, like to champion unique films. Three things get our attention, though not necessarily in this order:

1) Films with an interesting story or premise.
2) Films made with more heart than money.
3) Films made outside New York or Los Angeles.

Do note that we do not review horror films since there is no shortage of blogs that cover this territory.

To pitch your film to us, write us a short email, tell us what’s special about your movie, and share a link to watch your trailer online. Personal emails are better than inflated PR copy. If we’re interested we’ll ask for a link to view the full film or we’ll ask you to send a DVD. We have a policy in which we do not publish reviews of movies we don’t like, so there’s no harm in asking!


For filmmakers and PR-type folks:

Sorry, but we do not write about the following things on the Self-Reliant Film blog:

– Kickstarter or IndieGoGo projects.
– Film festival calls for entries.
– Film contests.
– One-off film screenings at festivals we’re not attending.
– Celebrity gossip.
– Zombie movies.