Ways To Watch

There are multiple ways to watch our award-winning films.



Faithful newsletter subscribers have exclusive opportunities to watch our movies — for free.

Every newsletter we send out, we’ll share a password-protected link that will give you temporary access to our award winning films, clips of new works in progress, and older films of ours that are impossible to see elsewhere. We rotate the movies with every newsletter.

 Other films of ours may become available online too. Stay tuned for more info.




There are two ways to watch our films on DVD: By having your local public or university library purchase a copy, or by buying a screening kit.


Have Your Library Purchase a DVD.

Self-Reliant Film on DVD

This option will cost you nothing and benefits the whole community!

We sell DVDs directly to libraries, universities and other organizations. These DVDs include public performance rights for free, public screenings. We are lovers of libraries and schools and our DVDs, which include a number of special features, were designed with them in mind.

Send your local library the link to this page and request that they purchase our DVDs so your whole community can view our films.


Buy A Screening Kit.

For Memories’ Sake Screening Kit

We want it to be easy for people to show our films to friends or to a community group if their library doesn’t own a copy. All of our films screen well at cine-clubs, film societies, and book clubs, and For Memories’ Sake is also great for genealogical societies, photography clubs, and churches!

We deeply understand the financial constraints of small organizations, so we’ve created special screening kits that are essentially free and that contain everything you need for a great event (copies of the DVD, hand letter-pressed posters, study and discussion guides, etc.).

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: While you do have to pay to order a kit, each Screening Kit pays for itself because it includes enough extra DVDs to sell at the screening to cover the cost of the kit.

Screening Kit: $99. Includes 1 community- licensed DVD, 5 regular DVDs, 2 hand letter-pressed movie posters, and 10 postcards (while available). You can sell the 5 extra DVDs for $20 (or whatever you wish) at the event so that the kit pays for itself! (This kit is licensed for free screenings and is not for school or library use.)

Select Film(s)



Why don’t we sell DVDs through Amazon.com or similar retailers?

We choose not to sell our work through online stores like Amazon.com and others because the profit-sharing deals that retailers make with “little guys” (like us), aren’t great.

If we had a large advertising budget and we were selling DVDs in the tens of thousands, those deals might make more sense. But until then, we probably won’t sell via other retailers.

Why don’t we sell DVDs directly to customers via our website?

We are a small company (2 people, plus the occasional intern), and we process all orders ourselves. If we spent our days going to the post office to ship DVDs at $15 apiece, we’d never have the time or make enough money to produce new films.

We do, however, try to make our work available in a lot of different ways, some at little or no cost, as detailed in the options above.

Also, we sell DVDs in person at screenings. By signing up for our list, we’ll be able to notify you of upcoming screenings in your area.