Widgets for Filmmakers

Here are some widgets for filmmakers running Mac OS 10.4. Two caveats: First, I’ve only tested some of these. If something doesn’t work, post a comment. Secondly, this list (probably) isn’t comprehensive. If you know of one I should add, post a comment or email me. I’ll add it.

If you’re using a Mac with 10.3.9 you don’t have to feel left out. Get Amnesty Widget Browser, which lets you partake in the Dashboard experience.

Film Tools:

    Aspect: For computing aspect ratios, naturally.

    Depth of Field: Seems a little buggy to me, but this one will be nice to have if I can get it to work.

    Sol: A sunrise and sunset calculator.

    TimeCalc: A timecode calculator.

    TV Safe: Shows TV-safe areas on QuickTime movies.

    Video Space: Calculates drive space for digital video. (Thanks for the tip, Giles.)

    VLC Widget: This widget controls the ever-useful VLC media player when in fullscreen mode.

    Carpenter’s Level: Let’s you use PowerBooks with motion-sensor detection as a level. I’m sure someone can think of a way to use this.

Film-related News:

    OnSuper8: News about Super-8 film stuff. Cool!

DVD and Moviegoing:

    Dashflix: Netflix widget. Comes in two sizes.Tuesday’s Coming: A DVD release widget. I’ve not tested this, so I don’t know if it covers anything off the beaten path.

    Movie Trailers: Lets you view movie trailers from the Apple QuickTime Movie Trailers site.


    Wikipedia Search: Just like it says. Useful for researching.

Generally useful:

    PackageTracker: Self explanatory.WikityWidget: Described as “sticky notes on steroids.” Useful for note-taking.

    MakeZine: If, like a lot of people, you first discovered this blog through Make Magazine’s blog, this widget is for you.

    Einstein: Searches for the nearest Apple support center near you. Mariposa Software, the developer, also offers a widget called MacGyverisms. Not the most useful widget you’ll find, but pretty amusing.

Last of all, if you’re interested in developing some widgets, this article is a good place to start.