Self-Reliant Film Amazon Store
Books and DVDs recommended for aspiring or practicing filmmakers. A small portion of profits from this store go towards supporting Self-Reliant Film and keeping it independent and advertising-free.

New York Film Academy’s Useful iPhone, iPad and Andriod Apps
Just like it sounds, this is a fantastic resource for finding film-related apps for your mobile device.

DIY Film Projects
This page assembles a number of DIY projects that have been mentioned on Self-Reliant Film. It also includes “6 Thoughts on DIY Projects”, to-date the single most popular post made on this website. Some of the projects are a little out of date or the links are broken, but this is still a useful page to get you started on crafting tools for filming.

©opy®ight: A Few Helpful Links
Links leading to information on how to register a work, best practices for fair use, and how to search the copyright/public domain status of works.

Storyboard Templates
Two templates. One is 1.33, the other is 1.78.

Super-8 and Small Format Resources
Looking for Super-8 film or supplies? Want to make a film with archival footage? Start here.

Photo and Home Movie Preservation Resources
A great starting point for preserving photo and small-gauge film. Includes a list of vendors of preservation supplies.

Shareware for Filmmakers
Helpful shareware for filmmakers using various versions of Mac OS X

Red One Information Page
Resource links related to the Red One digital cinema camera.

iPhone WebApps for Filmmakers
Just like the link says.

Widgets for Filmmakers
Helpful widgets for filmmakers that use Mac OS 10.4

What to Do When Your Hard Drive Goes Soft
Some tips for saving a failing hard drive (Mac OS users only).

Two Books on Productivity & Creativity: Pt. 1 & Pt. 2
David Allen’s Getting Things Done and Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit.

Kino-Eye blog Reference Pages
The Reference Pages found on Kino-Eye, the blog of filmmaker David Tames, contain some great information. Among the highlights: Notes on Interviewing