Moved. Moving. Moves.

I took a blog-holiday for a few weeks while my lady and I moved out of one house and prepare to move into a new one (this one with some land). Since the second place is in need of some renovation before we can really call it home, all of my computers, files, and thoughts have been scattered.

Today, catching up on my reading I found this week-old piece of blogged advice from John August that speaks well to my current status, and I wanted to share it with you (and with myself, for posterity’s sake). The following is in response to the question, Which project should I write?

If you have four ideas, all equally viable, I’d recommend writing the one that has the best ending. That’s the one you’ve thought through the most, and the one you’re least likely to abandon midway. But whatever you do, just pick one and write it without delay. If you have great ideas for your other projects, absolutely take some notes, but don’t switch. Finish what you’re doing, or you’ll have a folder full of first acts.

The full post can be found here.

2 Responses to “Moved. Moving. Moves.”

  1. Michael Says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today…thanks for sharing!

    Hope all goes well with QFSH. I’ve been keeping up with the blog for a long time now and have benefited greatly from all the advice and resources. So…thanks again!

  2. Dan Kremer Says:

    You moved too, ay? I know the feeling…I packed it up and moved to NYC this past month. I feel you. Ironically, I followed the “ending” bit of advice when writing my new project. Needless to say, I agree.