DIY: MiniCrane

Here’s a link I missed promoting because I was off the grid when it was posted back in May: Stu “DV Rebel” Maschwitz shares a link about a “mini-crane you already own.” This isn’t exactly DIY as it’s normally defined (i.e., building stuff for cheaper than it can be bought). But it’s still pretty darn inventive.

2 Responses to “DIY: MiniCrane”

  1. James Says:

    Wow… I’m delighted to see this kind use of a tripod.

    I discovered this technique by accident when a clamp failed on the leg of my el-cheapo tripod.

    The shot was lost but the resulting recorded image, got me thinking about using the failed clamp condition deliberately in controlled conditions… With great effect.

    Thanks for sharing such a simple and no-cost method… I feel guilty that I have not… My bad!

  2. Jessel Says:

    I’ve never heard of this before and I was pleasantly surprised. If you use a wide angle lens adapter, it’ll help with the jitteriness of the footage. :)