MacHeist: Indy Mac Software + Good Cause = Insane Deal

If you use a Mac, you absolutely must check out the insane deal that MacHeist — an alliance of independent Mac software developers — is offering.

For $49.95, MacHeist is selling $428 worth of fully-featured (i.e., not demo mode) Mac software. And to make the offer that much sweeter, a good chunk of the proceeds go to charity. As of this writing, $227,000+ has been raised so far.

Plus, the software is good. I would recommend all three of the twelve titles that I’ve previously used:

SnapzProX – a screencapture utility that’s GREAT for creating screencasts
iStopMotion – a great program for shooting stop motion animation
1Password – a browser extension that saves all your passwords in one place, and generates secure passwords

I’m an especially big fan of SnapzProX. Last fall I used it (in demo mode) to create a screencast for some of my students. I found it to be the best application of its kind on the Mac. It normally sells for $69, but for the next four days people can get it, plus 11 other applications, for $20 less. And it goes to charity. So I’m getting out my credit card now.

As for the charities represented, according to the MacHeist wiki:

Purchasers can choose from the following list of ten charities, or opt to split the donation from their purchase evenly among the choices.

* Action Against Hunger
* AIDS Research Alliance
* Alliance for Climate Protection
* Direct Relief International
* Humane Society International
* The Nature Conservancy
* Save the Children
* Save Darfur
* Prevent Cancer Foundation
* World Wildlife Fund

6 Responses to “MacHeist: Indy Mac Software + Good Cause = Insane Deal”

  1. dubious Says:

    Hmmm, in spite of the ‘knock down’ price (what is software really worth anyway?) I notice that a mere 25% goes to charity. Given that a large number of people are only buying this software because of its promotion as a charity gig, I think it’s an extremely cynical effort, which is to say that 75% of the proceeds are going to the manufacturers, which might be 75% of a knock down price but it’s also a sum of money that they probably wouldn’t get any other way. In other words for every $200,000 that goes to charity $600,000 goes to the manufacturers. I’d be more impressed if the split was the other way round. The rich get richer and the needy still just get the crumbs from their table, if they’re lucky.

  2. Paul Says:

    I always welcome a healthy dose of skepticism; this tastes a bit more bitter than that.

    Yes, it’s true that 75% goes to the developers. Let’s do the math: $600,000 divided by 12 shareware titles. That’s $50,000 a title. With a minimum of two developers on each title, each programmer might make $25,000 for all of their programming, user support, overhead, etc. If there are more than two programmers on a title, each one might make a fair amount less.

    This is your idea of “the rich getting richer”? I mean, I’m asking you: Seriously?

    Furthermore, you state that “a large number of people are only buying this software because of its promotion as a charity gig.” Can you show me where you’re getting your information? I can only speak for myself — not the “large number of people” you apparently know – but I bought the software because it’s useful and because it was a bargain. That 25% went to charity only sweetened the deal.

    Finally it’s tough to respect any comment in which the author doesn’t even sign his own name. Stuff like that makes me dubious.

  3. George Says:

    *dubious* says people buy this bundle because of its promotion as a charity gig. Were it so, why not donate directly? I do not know about others, I bought the bundle for SnapzPro and 1Password alone. Now MacHeist has added more titles and I see that VectorDesigner is included, one of the best Mac OS X native applications in 2007. Great addition!

    While I am here, can’t miss in the original post: “I’m getting out my credit card now”. As already the owner of 1password, do you actually need to do this every time you buy online?

  4. Paul Says:

    Good points, George. And, to answer your question: I’ve never used 1Password for credit cards, just internet passwords.

  5. Josh Boelter Says:

    If I’m going to give fifty dollars to charity, I’ll just give it to charity. I don’t go to the grocery and buy Paul Newman’s salsa because Newman gives his portion of the profits to charity. I buy his salsa because I like it.

    Paul, have you used iStopMotion? If so, what do you think of it? That might be something I’d use in addition to Snapz Pro. I probably wouldn’t use some of the other apps since my day job as a designer already requires me to have the Adobe suite on my Mac. But I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a stop motion short.

  6. Josh Boelter Says:

    Ahh, sorry, I guess I skimmed your original post a little too quickly and didn’t see that yes you have used iStopMotion and found it useful.