How to Send Big Files

Over the last month or so I’ve needed to send and receive a lot of large files (Final Cut project files, songs in AIFF format, DVD burn files, and so on). By “large” I mean in the 20mb – 4gb range. These files are usually too large to be sent via email because of file size limits, using an FTP site can be a hassle (as David Pogue has noted), and sending files via DVD-Rom via mail or FedEx is (comparatively) slow and pricey.

For me, the solution has been to share these large files via a few of the several services that exist online. I have used YouSendIt, FileFactory, and Pando. All have worked just fine.

The first two are file-hosting sites; Pando, on the other hand, is a stand-alone application. It requires a (free) download, but it also allows for the sharing of much larger files.

If you find yourself needing to share large files and don’t know where to start, a fairly comprehensive listing of file hosting sites is available on Wikipedia. You can also check out this article, which surveys some of the main services.

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  1. Tools » Blog Archive » Sending big files Says:

    […] Check out this post from Paul Harrill at Self-Reliant Filmmaking for lots of good tips on how to send big files over the web. Harrill links to this article on that you may also find useful. I’ve always used YouSendIt but have never needed to send anything over their free limit of 100MBs until last week. Now I’m looking for a new solution and will try some of these options. I’ll report back. […]

  2. Jeremy Traub Says:

    I’ve had consistently good luck with Free, 300 MB limit, and easy interface. – Jeremy

  3. John Dennon Says:

    We use these guys with no problems – – service consistantly fast (for last 3 months at least!), quick support and send/receive files up to 2GB.

    thanks, john

  4. Chris Eberhart Says:

    Throw away all your old “send big file bookmarks”, there is a new site in town – – These guys let you send 2GB without even signing up..