(An Introduction to) Introduction to Film Textbooks

Chris Cagle has recently written up a super comparison of introductory Film Studies textbooks. If you’re a film teacher, a novice film studies autodidact, or just someone who’s looking to update that old copy of Bordwell & Thompson’s Film Art you bought back in ’92, check it out.

One Response to “(An Introduction to) Introduction to Film Textbooks”

  1. Jennifer Shainin Says:

    Please check out Jean-Pierre Geuens’ book “Film Production Theory” at http://rethinkcinema.com/

    JP was a huge influence for me in film school at The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He also teaches at USC, but he is not a fan of film schools, as many are just vocational schools to train filmmakers in preparation for work in the Hollywood studio system.

    JP cracks filmmaking wide open in his book and the inspiration obtained from reading it is immeasurable.