Film & Digital Cinema search engine

If you look at the top of the right-side column you’ll notice a brand-spanking-new searchbar made by me and powered by Rollyo. The new search tool allows you three options (accessed by the drop-down menu):

    1) a search of the Self-Reliant Film site
    2) a search of the web’s best Film and Digital Cinema sites/blogs
    3) a full web search.

You can add this search engine to your Firefox browser, or you can search through a web interface. Link to it, if it’s helpful.

List of sites included:

All These Wonderful Things
Association of Independent Video & Filmmakers (AIVF)
Creative Cow
Creative Planet sites:, Digital Cinematography, Videography, etc.
David Lowery’s Blog
DV Guru
DV — extensive forums
Filmmaker Magazine
Filmmaking for the Poor (includes the Internet Filmmaker’s FAQ)
GreenCine Daily
Masters of Cinema
MovieMaker Magazine
Self-Reliant Film
Senses of Cinema

Don’t be offended if your site or some other favorite site isn’t listed. Rollyo limits the sites you search from to 25, so I didn’t have space for some other sites I love. If my choices don’t help, rollyourown.

2 Responses to “Film & Digital Cinema search engine”

  1. Chris Says:

    Freakin awesome!!! That is teh shiznit, and I must say, excellent list of sites.

  2. AFH Blog » Film and Digital Cinema Search Engine Says:

    […] This fellow was nice enough to consolidate a search engine that trawls the following list of sites for users and gleans information for them. […]