Without a Box self-distribution initiative

Check out IndieWIRE’s article on Without A Box’s new self-distribution initiative. Lots of questions about how it will work practically speaking, when it will launch, etc. It’s going to start small – only six films at first, but then should go wider. Still, it’s another promising development. Most interesting is the fact that “filmmakers who participate will retain all rights to their movies.” Nice.

2 Responses to “Without a Box self-distribution initiative”

  1. The Sujewa Says:

    We think alike Mr. Paul, or at least the same indie film news stories caught our attention. I just blogged about Withoutabox self-distro & IFC distro stories, & then I was looking around to see what other bloggers were up to & found your stories on same subjects. Very cool.

    Here’s my entry (u go into more detail re: IFC):


    These are indeed very positive developments. And yeah, kind of like u said, 24 films is a pretty large slate for an indie distro co. It’ll be interesting to see if the plans happen fully & to see how each film does.


  2. William Says:

    Add me to the list. All good news for independent filmmakers.