A Creative Producing Storm

Our blog has been silent over the past few months, but don’t let that fool you–we’ve been busier than ever! In this short span, Paul and I began work as managing producers for a new film production company dedicated to producing feature films in the American South (more on that soon); one of Paul’s scripts was selected for IFP’s No Borders Co-Production Market; and I spent a week at the Sundance Institute‘s Creative Producing Lab and Summit as the 2012-13 Sheila C. Johnson Creative Producing Fellow. Oh, and we’ve also been filming a feature film!

More than anything, it’s been a time of growth and change as creative producers, so I wanted to share a few gems I heard at the Lab & Summit on this under-appreciated role :

“You have to the calming center [for the production] …but you’re also the punching bag for everyone.” –Lynette Howell, on the paradox of a creative producer’s role.

“Producing is the credit that everyone wants and that no one values.” –Anne Carey, on the constant struggle to define and protect producing credits.

“We’re like cockroaches. When the nuclear blast hits and we have to eat plaster, we eat plaster.” –Christine Vachon, on how she and her company, Killer Films, have stayed in the business for so long.

P.S. For even more of a love song to creative producers, check out this video, called “The Unsung Hero of Indie Filmmaking” made by the Institute.

2 Responses to “A Creative Producing Storm”

  1. Max Says:

    I may have to borrow some of these quotes, they’re brilliant.

    PS: do you know of any good places to buy archive footage for productions other than ITN Source? I’m struggling to find decent quality clips of Nikita Khrushchev for a documentary.

  2. Ashley Maynor Says:

    You might want to check out the advice in Sheila Curran Bernard’s book, Archival Storytelling. Her website is here: http://www.archivalstorytelling.com/ and be sure to click on the link that reads, “Click here to see additional Archival Storytelling Resources.” She covers finding and licensing archival footage in detail.

    There are many other ways to find archival footage–home movies, private archives, etc. It’s just that the search might cost you a lot of time, as opposed to the money for someplace like ITN.