Scott Kirsner’s ITVS Case Studies

A few weeks ago Scott Kirsner blogged about a series of case studies he recently authored regarding independent filmmakers connecting with their audiences. Commissioned by ITVS, the case studies focus on, as Scott puts it,

indie filmmakers who are pioneering new ways to:

– Open up the production process to more audience participation

– Find and connect with new audiences for their work

– Distribute their finished film in new ways.

While all of the case studies focus on documentaries, there are a lot of insights here that are not limited to any one genre. In fact, I’ve made these case studies required reading in the Movie Business class that I teach at Virginia Tech. If you read this blog, chances are they should be required reading for you, too.

Read Scott’s introductory blog post. Or go straight to the case studies.

One Response to “Scott Kirsner’s ITVS Case Studies”

  1. Trevor Says:

    It’s so great to find your website. I had you years ago for my first screenwriting class at Temple University. You were always one of the most creative, interesting, inspirational, and effective film professors that I ever had. I wish you the best of luck in all of your productions and endeavors.