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I’ve read a lot of stuff on the web in my efforts to educate myself about the Red One digital cinema camera’s new approach to motion picture image capture and its workflow. Below are some of the better resources I’ve encountered. If I’ve left off something helpful, let me know in the comments.



    Red Digital Cinema Camera Company

    The Red company-sponsored site.

    Creative Cow Red Forum
    Mostly oriented around Red post-production workflow. Red Forum
    Lots of skepticism and passionate disagreement about the Red here.

    DV Red Forum
    Infrequent posting; lots of overlap with reduser.

WIKIS a wiki for Red users. Very incomplete, but useful in spots.

    Wikipedia:Red Digital Camera Company entry

RED: BASICS Red One user menu guides

    FresHDV: “All Things Red” – another links listing

    Creative Cow: Dress for Success with RED

    Creative Cow: Shooting with RED: Testing, testing…


    ProLost: Exposing to the Left vs. Exposing to the Right

    Pro Lost: Digital Cinema Dynamic Range — an epic post

    Pro Lost: Digital Cinema Dynamic Range [abbreviated version] Thread on Working with RAW

    Bealecorner: John Beale’s camera tests


    American Cinema Editors: Podcast discussion for A.C.E. members about the workflow for Red with Avid and Final Cut Pro.

    RedHax Wiki: Footage Protocol on Set

    RedHax Wiki: Footage Conversion

    Editors Lounge: Handling Red One in Post-Production [link to page with pdf file]

    Coremelt: Red Camera 10-bit Color Online Workflow with FCP 6.0.2

    PVC: Working with Red Footage

    DV Magazine: Posting RED

    Scott Simmons’ Editblog: posts tagged “red”

    Indie4k: Red Workflow posts 1 and 2

    Pro8mm: Red & Super-8 Telecine (!)


    Wonderhowto: Learn All About the Red One Camera – 12 videos!

    Studio Daily: Shooting Red

    Studio Daily: What You Can Do with Red Alert

    Studio Daily: Final Cut Pro – Red Workflow

    Studio Daily: Edit RED Footage in Avid Media Composer

    Studio Daily: RED / Avid Workflow

    Studio Daily: Maintaining Red Metadata to Avid

    Studio Daily: Assimilate Scratch / Red Workflow

    FX Guide TV: Workflow with Red Episodes 1 and 2

Official REDCINE Training Videos

    Interface Overview
    Project Settings
    Shot Settings
    Color Settings
    Output Settings


    Red Relay
    Repository of Red One footage.


    RedCentre @ FX Guide
    Weekly podcast on all things Red from FXGuide.


    Crimson Workflow
    FCP round tripping application.

    Essentially an early, free version of Crimson Workflow.

    Red Portal
    Allows you to double-click R3D files to open in RedAlert!

    Helps with footage conversion (see

    Allows MetaData use in Avid.

    Spotlight Plugin for R3D Files
    Lets you easily find and identify r3d-files on your computer.


    Element Technica

    Sim Video


Some might ask why this site is posting about Red, considering it is, for many readers, a high-ticket item (especially when you add in the cost of lenses, support, etc.). My answer is that this is a site that’s devoted to all forms of maverick filmmaking, including the invention of maverick filmmaking tools. By this standard, Red certainly qualifies.

10 Responses to “Red One – Information Page”

  1. Patrick Renner Says:

    Perhaps something for the “RED 3rd-party software” section: There is a free Spotlight Plugin for R3D RAW files available at

  2. tom Says:

    good stuff man. there is a rumor Temple is ordering one, so this could be VERY handy.

  3. David Lowery Says:

    One of my friends just bought one (or rather, he bought one months ago and it just arrived). I haven’t done much more with it than hold it and look at some of the footage, but I should get some hands-on experience within the next week or so. I’m excited…

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  7. David McLeavy Says:

    We have the camera and after extensive use (TV commercials etc) can honestly say it bests any video capture system we have ever used.

  8. George Bradford Says:

    Simply an incredible camera. Sony and Panasonic need to really start paying attention.

  9. roger bolton Says:

    thanks for the excellent resource. could you change the link to my coremelt workflow papers to the below?

    this will always access the latest versions and has a useful intro.

  10. Paul Says:

    Sure thing, Roger. I’ve changed the link.