DIY Guerilla Drive-In

This Guerilla drive-in Instructable takes me back to my days in Philadelphia where the venerable folks at Mambo Moving would drive one of their trucks around to different neighborhoods and host the Lawn Chair Drive-In. Good times.

Tip: Consider coupling these Instructables with Liz Cole’s tips on DIY touring, which was the sixth-ever post on SRF.

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  1. Start Your Own Drive-In - Movie reviews - Spout Says:

    […] Paul Harrill at Self-Reliant Filmmaking tipped me off to this awesome Instructables article on launching a DIY drive-in. The key ingredients are simple enough: a laptop, a projector, an FM transmitter, a power generator and ,,, a carbon-neutral hybrid vehicle? A Prius isn’t a must, but it’s a plus. “Basically a battery on wheels, the Prius has the battery in the trunk, so there’s no drilling required to plug in your inverter,” writes Instructables’ Plusbryan. “[But] I personally use a small SUV, so pretty much any car is capable.” The article tells you everything you need to know to mount your own screening, from tech nuts and bolts to copyright/legal issues, to recouping costs via snacks. Originally posted on:SpoutBlog […]

  2. quinn Says:

    it must be the summer nostalgia for drive in’s. I just read a similar article the other day:

  3. Self-Reliant Filmmaking » Blog Archive » DIY Projection Screens Says:

    […] The DIY Guerrilla Drive-In post a few days ago was a bit of a hit (i.e., sites linked to it, etc.) so in my ceaseless (shameless?) efforts to give the people what they want, here are two links to related DIY projects: DIY Projector Screen […]