We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

This is, I think, the longest delay between posts at Self-Reliant Film. Between the events at Virgina Tech and the preparation for a project of mine, well, what can I say? My attention has been elsewhere. Anyway, it’s good to get back to the blog. Thanks, again, to all of you that privately emailed or publicly commented with words of support.

On an unrelated(?) note, I just remembered that today marks the 15th anniversary of the “premiere” of my first film, a film called “Pure”, which I made with a Super-8 film camera graciously loaned by Chris Cagle. The film screened for about twenty people in the living room of my friend Wade Guyton, who lived in the house next door to Chris.

I remember that the evening ended with various people singing along to the Xanadu soundtrack. Yesterday, my friend Alan sent me a link to this. Plus ça change, plus c’est la méme chose.

6 Responses to “We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Programming”

  1. Alan Gratz Says:

    OMG – the Xanadu on Broadway site plays “Xanadu” over and over and over and over again! I’m leaving it up in the background while I outline my book. If Xanadu shows up somewhere in my young adult mystery novel, it is entirely your fault.

    Glad to have you back in the blogosphere –

  2. Daniel Kremer Says:

    I remember that VHS copy of Xanadu you used to have in your office, right next to a Rohmer film on VHS. My first reaction was “Hmm”. You proved to me that you were eclectic from the first moment I set foot in your office…now I know the backstory. :-)

    And good lyrics for this great weather we’re having. If you will bear with me.

    “I’m alive – and the world shines for me today
    I’m alive – suddenly I am here today
    Seems like forever (and a day), thought I could never (feel this way)
    Is this really me? I’m alive, I’m alive!”

  3. Paul Says:

    Alan – I will gladly accept full responsibility if Xanadu shows up in your YA mystery.

    Dan – Thanks for sharing the lyrics — fantastic! The Rohmer VHS was “Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle.” Alas, I don’t expect to see that one to get the Broadway treatment anytime soon.

  4. Chris Cagle Says:

    Alas, I don’t expect to see that one to get the Broadway treatment anytime soon.

    I’m still bitter about Grey Gardens the Musical. Something is wrong in this world.

  5. Daniel Kremer Says:

    Titicut Follies the musical is probably where we’re heading, ay? After all, it does have a Broadway-esque title, right? He he. And full of show-stopping numbers performed by the inmates.

    Hey, this could be fun…landmark documentaries as Broadway musicals. I would stop short of Ophuls. I’m thinking too much about this.

  6. James M. Johnston Says:

    Good to have you back brother!