Dialect Resources for Actors and Directors

The lead actress of the new film I’m working on is doing some dialect research. She shared this link with me, and I just have to share it here. It’s the International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA). From their website, an explanation of the purpose:

The International Dialects of English Archive, IDEA, was created in 1997 as a repository of primary source recordings for actors and other artists in the performing arts. Its home is the Department of Theatre and Film at the University Of Kansas, in Lawrence, KS, USA; while associate editors form a global network. All recordings are in English, are of native speakers, and you will find both English language dialects and English spoken in the accents of other languages. The recordings are downloadable and playable for both PC and Macintosh computers.

It’s an amazing audio archive of dialects from around the United States. Maybe this is old news to actors, but it’s new to me, and quite exciting.

And, just in case you were wondering, we’ve been listening to Tennessee Eight.

2 Responses to “Dialect Resources for Actors and Directors”

  1. quinn Says:

    hey paul

    good luck with the new film. i’m excited to see what you’re working on. when does production commence?

    i’ve been trapped in editing hell. I am supposed to have a full cut of my film to the IFP by early next week and of course my system was down 5 days this week! Gotta love filmmaking.

    It’s painful to cut some of these scenes – especially from mid-production when the quality starts to slip because stress is mounting. My coverage on some of these scenes is a mess, but my fingers are crossed.

    Hope you guys are well.

    Take care,

  2. J. Kevin Tumlinson Says:

    Useful! I’ve heard about dialect training in various acting programs but this makes it available to anyone. Pretty handy for a writer, too. Helps get your brain in the right gear.