An Articulate Movement (of Inarticulateness) Articulated?

Following up on Anthony Kaufman’s post of a couple days ago, Eugene Hernandez writes about what’s in the air in Austin this year — you can call them DIY, no-budget, or self-reliant filmmakers. This year, with Hannah Takes the Stairs, Quiet City, Frownland, Orphans these films are the toast of the town.

I’ve been traveling for the last 24 hours (in Knoxville to scout locations for a film I’m shooting), but I have more thoughts on this which I’ll try to articulate later.

Then again, I feel like I’ve been articulating thoughts about this stuff for the last year and a half. It’s nice to see indieWire discussing it, even if they do refer to these films as “mumblecore.” I believe it goes broader and deeper than that limiting name.

Anyway, here’s the article.

One Response to “An Articulate Movement (of Inarticulateness) Articulated?”

  1. quinn Says:

    it’s killing me that i don’t have a film at the level necessary for sxsw right now because this is the kind of thing I would love to be a part of. i need to get off the sidelines!

    it is great to watch this though, and to see indiewire begin to embrace this sort of movement (although nothing kills a movement like a label). It reminds me of 1998 when todd verow, lance weiler, and stephan avalos were in newsweek.