Loss of deck connectivity in Final Cut? Try reinstalling QuickTime

Normally I try to write less prosaic (or at least shorter) post titles, but hopefully this will help some Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express users that are googling for a solution to deck connectivity problems.

A few weeks ago a student came to my office nearly in tears because Final Cut Express, which she had on her iBook, wouldn’t recognize her camcorder when she was trying to capture footage. In fact, most times, FCE would crash when she tried to capture footage.

We tried to isolate the problem:

Was it a connection problem? No, we tried firewire cables (including some known to work). The problem continued.

Was it a camera problem? No. We captured footage on my laptop without any issues.

Was it a computer problem? Probably not. She was able to capture footage on her computer using iMovie.

At this point we began the googling. After a while, we happened on the problem (QuickTime) and its solution (reinstalling QuickTime).

Here’s Apple’s article on the subject: Restoring a DV device connection in QuickTime 7.

It’s worth noting that this tip also works for Final Cut Pro. And its a good reminder that a smart first place to search when encountering problems with Apple-manufactured software is Apple’s own support site.

2 Responses to “Loss of deck connectivity in Final Cut? Try reinstalling QuickTime”

  1. christopher Says:

    i ran into this problem also while trying to digitize footage from a dvx100 into fcp. never solved it because i was able to simply walk over to my co-workers box and digitize it on there – even though we both have basically the same machine and the same version of quicktime. maddening tho.

    i did read about this solution first. read about people uninstalling quicktime and reverting to an earlier version.

    pretty amazing that a company that has complete control of the hardware AND the software can’t even maintain compatibility between a core software and an application that heavily relies on it!

  2. Aaron Says:

    I think I had to do this when I finally upgraded from 10.3.9.

    I manage a few mac stations at work as well as home and I’ve been able to solve most problems I run into by going to Apple Support > Discussions. It’s been my experience that most people that claim to know a lot about computers overlook the easy answers. (They’re also the ones the always seem to be in the middle of their own computer meltdowns.) Beware of solutions that call for you deleting various hidden files. Like cars, look for the cheap, simple solutions first.

    I recently had external drives that wouldn’t be recognized and all I had to do was Shut down, unplug firewire cables and the main power cable for ten minutes, and power back up.