Video Disk Space Calculator

Here’s a Video Disk Space calculator for Mac OSX 10.3+. Great for figuring out how much drive space you’ll need. Includes a printable chart of codecs/data rates.

It’s useful, it’s free, and it works. ‘Nuff said.

2 Responses to “Video Disk Space Calculator”

  1. Patrick Renner Says:

    Nice, but have you seen the Pomfort FrameCalculator?

    The FrameCalculator has a powerful expression-based calculation engine with a lot of intelligent conversion capabilities which makes it different from common on-screen calculators.
    It also can convert the results of such calculations into disk space usage and network transfer time of various digital formats and into footage of different film materials.


  2. Video Disk Space Calculator for Mac editors at FresHDV Says:

    […] (Via Self Reliant Filmmaking) […]