Small Format Magazine

Just read a posting on OnSuper8 about Small Format magazine, which hails from Germany. Looks interesting by what I can tell from the two articles they have posted online. Having said that, at $79 (US) for 6 issues it makes me think that either I’m clueless to what it costs to put out a magazine these days, or the US dollar is itself awfully “small format.”

One Response to “Small Format Magazine”

  1. dvd Says:

    Although the magazine looks great (although not great enough to warrant that pricetag, I’d wager), I’ve got a bit of an unrelated comment. A friend pointed me towards this homemade screenwriting bundle for TextMate. I’m not exactly sure how beneficial it would be for users who don’t have a good working knowledge of CSS (such as myself), but it’s exciting to see people creating things like this…especially if, as the site claims, it is indeed more powerful than Final Draft.

    My friend Stuart Willis has a bit more commentary on it…